How to Borrow and Get Past Your Bad Credit

Your negative credit record is not welcome news to mainstream lenders who you intend to borrow money from. Their mindset is that your low credit score is associated with your inability to manage your finances well, so they hesitate in giving out a loan.

But the rise of sub-prime lending has made it easier for people with poor credit score to borrow the funds they need through loans for people with bad credit. These loans are essential for people with negative credit history to survive financially challenging times.

How to Obtain Loans for People with Bad Credit

Getting loans for people with bad credit is a quick and easy process. A lot of lenders operate online provide loans for people with bad credit that you can apply without leaving your home. Simply fill out the application and send the documents. The lender will process the application virtually and get back to you with quotes.

Also, a lot of these lenders don’t decide on your credit score. They just want to know that you can afford the loans, so they mostly require proof of income. With that said, you can have bad credit and still get approved for the loan if you can establish your financial capacity.

Be Wary of Interest Rates 

Loans for people with bad credit have higher than usual interest rates due to the fact that the lender is dealing with a high-risk borrower. But this should not dissuade you from getting a loan especially when you need it the most.

The intelligent thing to do is to look for loans for people with bad credit with the lowest rates and compare them side by side. Get the most affordable loan that you can find and commit to paying it on time to contain the financial situation and prevent further complications.


Ways to Save Money on Music: Stop Wasting Money on CDs

How many times have you heard a song on the radio only to find that it was the only good song on the entire CD? This turns into a hassle when you purchase the entire album and you only want the one good song on it. I have found a way that you can get the one song at no or little cost. The local libraries in my town and state have been bringing in tons of CDs and DVDs to borrow for personal use.

stop using cds

I have found that they almost always have a CD I am looking for. And if they do not have it, the chances that another library in the state has it are very good. They allow you to borrow 10 at a time so I usually go down every few months or so and check out some CDs I have either wanted to buy or listen to and see what other songs may be on it that I like. This works out best because I can test drive a CD that I would have bought to see if it was worth it or not.

What I then do is save the songs I like to my hard drive to listen to when ever I want to do so. It works out as I have been able to get some songs that I would have had to buy the whole album for. You may have to wait a few days or weeks to get a copy to borrow, but in the long run it is worth it if you tend to buy CDs on a regular basis.

Another thing you can do is visit a site like Wal-Mart’s music site and down load individual songs for under a dollar. Doing this allows you to make a compilation CD of your favorite songs instead of having to lug around a bunch of different ones with select songs on each.

The digital age has allowed us to save some money by offering different options to receive music in. Personally, I like the down load sections as I now can get the songs that I really wanted and don’t have to get the ones that I don’t. You can also make compilations for people as presents. What better gift than to customize a CD with music that the person enjoys. Start saving money and stop wasting it buying CD’s that only have a few good songs. Hit up the library to test drive a CD or listen to a sample of it online. Anyway you slice it; it is a great deal for you.

How to Save Money After College

college livingIn a world where jobs are hard to come by and keep, how do you save money after college? Some of the answers may not be very thrilling for many of us. You’ll have to focus on the things you’d like to achieve and the things you need to get by right away. One of the more pressing needs after college, as you head out into the world, will be finding a place to live. While many college grads fantasize about having their own place, the price of rent can be a great shock when you are paying.

One idea, as a new graduate or even one who has left the world of college behind many years ago, is simply to continue living in your parents home, that is, if they are generous enough to continue to provide you with room and board. This will save you on rent or at the very least a portion of the rent. Not having to pay rent right away will help you save a huge chunk of money that would have gone to a landlord.

Don’t like the idea of living with parents, then try other family members, friends (although this may be risky for your relationship), or roommate(s) to whom you’re not related, and share your own rented domain. This solution allows you to be on your own but takes some of the financial pressure off your shoulders. You’ll be able to share the cost of food, rent, utilities and upkeep according to the agreement you make with the individual(s) with whom you room.

Although sharing the cost of room and board is a great money saving idea for anyone with limited funds or who would like to increase their savings, you should be cautious. Caution is important because many roommate situations turn into horror stories. Before you sign a lease with someone do due diligence to verify if they usually pay their bills, plus it’s a good idea to find out if your personality matches theirs. Getting to know your roommates better before living together may save you lots of money later.

Budgeting is hard but once you have landed a job then you should have some form of budget so you can prioritize your spending habits. With a budget you have a tool that allows you to focus on where you can and cannot afford to put your money. Of course, you’ll need to put money aside for the essentials such as 3 meals a day, rent, personal necessities, round trip travel to your job, and a little entertainment. I wouldn’t tell you to cut out entertainment, because who doesn’t want to enjoy a little sweetness from the fruits of their labor?

Nevertheless, you can’t party every night or weekend if it equals living beyond your means, bills are delinquent, and you have to borrow just to make it to the following payday with nothing put aside for those days when it’s pouring cats and dogs. Living recklessly will definitely put a hole in your savings plan.

Focus on spending less on those things that are non-essential if you want to gain greater saving power. Most of your savings will come from areas where you can eliminate unnecessary spending, although you can start out by having a rule of thumb to put aside ten (10) percent of your monthly earnings. Remember as you try to find areas in which to save that not everyone has the same necessities. For example, if you live in a more urbanized area with a very accessible public transportation system a car would become more a luxury than if you lived in an area where there is no other reliable transportation outside of personal vehicle ownership. To save after graduating college: evaluate, budget, spend on essentials, and treat yourself–but frugally and soon your savings are sure to be growing well.

When Cash Loan Agents Come Calling

When you pick up the phone, you would expect that the caller called you for some important reasons. But when you hear that the person on the other line say something like loan, you would immediately conclude that somehow this is a scam or something. But before you do think like that, think about this for a moment. If a person is calling you because of a loan and you have not applied for one, what prompted this person to call you and even know who you are?
Now, that is a thought is it not?

So, just who are these agents who call you at home and talk about these loans? Well, these are call center agents commissioned by cash loan companies to contact people who have been randomly selected so that they can avail of the pay day cash loan.

Just how do they accomplish their task? Well, they are trained by the company to give assistance to existing clients and prospective clients. These cash loan agents are given names with phone numbers to work with. They call these numbers randomly and talk people to visit the cash loan website.

When they are in the website, they will be asked to provide information so that they can continue on to the next step until they are asked to sign a document electronically. (more…)